This is What The Shape of Your Butt Says

2.“V” patootie
It is a common butt shape of the old woman. Fat from the bottom will move to other parts of the body along with increased age and lack of estrogen. If you have this shape, it is advisable for you to remove fat as soon as possible to protect your heart. Perform regular exercise.

3.Circle booty
This is maybe the healthiest and the butt that is the most positive indicator of the person’s health. Just to be sure if you notice that you have extra fat near the top in the upper part of the glutes, try to eliminate it and just as the all previous butt shapes you can easily do that with following the same workout program

4.Heart Shaped
This might be the shape all women are dreaming of. This butt is bigger at the bottom and becomes smaller and smaller as you go towards the way. As good as it looks, this shape might be an indicator of some unwanted fat accumulation in the upper body. The good side is the people who have this butt shape tend to lose fat much faster than others.