This Lemon And Lavender Juice Recipe Helps Combat Headaches And Anxiety

Anxiety and stress have almost become a lifestyle for the modern man. We have a hectic schedule, we have deadlines and with the increasingly capitalist world, we have to work more to earn more. We have to give in our hundred percent to keep up. Anxiety and stress can be particularly bad because they lead to other hazards like weight gain, diabetes or blood pressure.

It is easy to find people falling victim to horrible habits like chain-smoking, stress eating, caffeine or liquor addiction because of stress. While these habits could take our minds off the stress for a while, they do not reduce it. However, there are some other productive things that can.

Lavender oil is considered to be a very effective natural ingredient against stress. It has 150 active compounds that render it its anti-inflammatory, antidepressant, antibacterial, antiviral and sedative properties.