This way you will prevent vaginal fungal infections

– Wear only cotton underwear – Cotton underwear absorbs the moisture of the skin while the synthetic one traps the moisture, and is a perfect area for developing a fungal infection.

– Don’t wear tight clothes – Tight underwear and pants increase moisture in the vaginal area especially during summer months.

– After showering completely dry the area around the vagina before putting your clothes on. To decrease the moisture, you can use a hair dryer on a low setting.

– Never wear underwear that is not completely dry.

– Don’t sit with a wet swimsuit after a swim, or wet clothes after going to the gym.

2.Forget hot baths – Don’t prepare yourself a hot bath if you are subject to getting fungal infections.

3.Don’t use various perfumed powders or sprays for intimate hygiene – These types of products can affect the natural PH balance of the vagina.

4.Don’t use strong gels or soaps for showering – These products are not suitable for washing your intimate parts. Instead, use appropriate types of products.

5.If you have diabetes, control the amount of sugar in your blood – Diabetes and fungal infections are tightly connected. Some specialists believe that getting fungal infections all the time is a sign of a diabetes in the future.

6.Drink yogurt – Yogurt can’t cure fungal infection but it can certainly prevent it. Women who consume yogurt all the time are less prone to getting fungal infection.

7.Taking antibiotics is a common cause for getting fungal infections. They change the level of bacteria in the vagina and disrupt the PH balance. So, only take antibiotics when it is absolutely necessary.

8.Lower your stress levels – Although it is not scientifically proven, women claim that they get fungal infections more often when they are under stress.