Top 7 Home Remedies To Remove All Milia Permanently

We all want flawless and spot free skin but various skin problems arise in the absence of adequate skin care, one such is Milia which is also called milk spots are small, hard lumps that mainly develop on the cheeks, neck, nose and under the eyes. These are basically keratin-filled cysts that are considered unsightly but harmless. This condition affects people of all ages; however, newborn babies are more prone to it. In adults, this condition may persist for months and sometimes even years. Clogged pores, excess oil production, hormonal changes, and prolonged sun exposure are some of the reasons for the development of this skin condition.

Causes of Milia

Even though are no specific reasons known for the occurrence of milia, few people are prone to this skin condition and suffer for a longer duration. The following reasons can be taken as possible causes for milia:

•Clogging of pores
•Heavy makeup and skin care products
• Excessive secretion of sebum
• Hormonal changes
• Long-term use of steroid cream
• Sun exposure for a long time
• Genetic reasons
• Dermabrasion and laser treatments
• Not adequate exfoliation
• Blistering injuries
• Allergic reactions
• Skin rashes such as Rosacea and seborrheic dermatitis

While you can remove these milk spots with surgical procedures, but these are not the only options you have. There are easy and all-natural ways to get rid of milk spots, which you can find in your kitchen.