Unhealthy underwear common habits

The sort of underwear you decide on as well as your daily practices could have a effect that is big your health “down here.”

Mistake no. 1: Too-tight underwear

Not just is underwear that is too-tight unflattering (hello, noticeable bulges and puckering), nonetheless it can also promote chafing associated with the epidermis and  genital irritation, specially if you’re post-menopausal.

“For ladies who are menopausal, their genital walls are slim,” says Raquel B. Dardik, M.D., medical associate professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at NYU Langone Medical Center. Any underwear that’s tight enough to rub your skin layer can result in irritation, she explains from that perspective.

“If the skin does not get irritated, then great — tight underwear won’t hurt you. However it is not recommended. should you get irritated due to friction,”