Warning Signs of Mold Toxicity Everyone Should Know

Did you know that hundreds of millions of people are exposed to toxic mold every single day? They are usually exposed by touch, breathing or ingestion – and the worst thing about it is they don’t even know it! The mold is a silent and a dangerous threat for us all. The mold can grow behind walls, below floors and sometimes even makes a home in our food. So, what most people don’t understand is that mold can make you very sick sometimes, and in some severe cases – it can even be deadly.

Yes, many people underestimate the “real power” of the mold and its side effects on the human body. So, if the growth of mold is undamaged, it can overload and break down your immune system. Is some person suffers from mold toxicity; they are usually left confused and frustrated trying to figure out the root cause of their illness. There are some molds that release poisonous and invisible chemicals, often know as – mycotoxins. These toxins are difficult to kill, but it’s not impossible. Well, these invisible chemicals will make their home all around your environment and they will contaminate everything you own, from furniture to your clothes. They usually travel through the body and causing damage to the immune system, your joints, the nervous system and even more. The mycotoxins can change the way you think, the way you feel and even how long you live!