What Is Candida Overgrowth And How To Deal With It

1. Don’t Go For Carbs

Candida needs sugar to thrive, so the first step would be to cut down on sugar. Bread is made of yeast, so you have to stop going for bread. This will control the growth of candida in your body.

2. No More Sugar

Yeasts love sugar and so it will make you want to have more sugar. Control yourself. Stop eating sugar and go for fruits and veggies. They will be a delight.

3. Go For Caprylic Acid

Caprylic acids go through yeast and kill them. That’s the exact kind of thing that you would need for your body. So, try to put a bit of caprylic acid in your diet to counter candida growth.

4. Don’t Drink

Alcohol is full of sugar, yeasts, and carbs – the paradise for candida. Go for water instead of alcohol. Water can clean out the system.

5. Go To A Doctor

If you are really irritated and nothing helps, then go to the doctor. A test of your stool or blood can show the presence of candida in your body. Then, plan out the medication with your doctor.

Be safe and be healthy. Don’t break the balance of your body and you will have a great healthy life ahead.