What You Should Never Do In Your Period

All girls are excluded and permitted to miss gym class while in their period. It’s pretty obvious that physical exercises and sudden movements should be avoided while girl are in their period.

A study conducted back in 2015 states that “Normal fluctuations in hormones during the menstrual cycle alter neurotransmitters that are responsible for a variety of functions, including mood, libido, appetite, anxiety, emotion, pain, and pleasure.

“ Also, “the changes and relative levels of estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone throughout the menstrual cycle, including during the period itself, are also responsible for many of the changes women notice (such as breakouts, breast tenderness, etc).”
Here are some other stuff you should avoid to not make the bad period even worse.

Getting a wax depilation

Due to the period, the body’s receptors for pain and tenderness are extremely sensitive, and you should never consider getting wax-ed during your period