What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

And if you want some signs into whether you are doing good or bad in the relationship, you might want to take a look into your sleeping positions and patterns.

With the cliffhanger, you are both on the opposite sides of the bed. It’s as if you’re both hanging on the edge of the cliff with the way that you’re straddling the edges of your bed.

You are creating a lot of space and distance between the two of you while you sleep. And that could be a sign that there is a certain sense of emotional distance between the two of you in the relationship.

Make sure that you are able to close that off as you move forward in the relationship.

The crab position is when the two of you engage in two very different positions that just don’t make any symmetric sense in the relationship.

When this is the position you are in while you sleep, then that could indicate a lack of intimacy between the two of you. It’s as if one of you is trying to get away from the other. And that can never be a good sign in any kind of relationship at all.

The shingles position is one of the sweeter and more intimate sleeping positions that a couple could have in bed. It’s when one person rests their head on the other person’s shoulder.

What this means is that the person whose head is resting is someone who is dependent and reliant on the other partner. And the one whose shoulder is being used as a headrest is a listener and nurturer.

This is a very simple position and it’s actually one that a lot of couples engage in. It’s merely when two people sleep in a position that enables them to be facing one another without necessarily touching.

This means that the level of communication in the relationship is very strong and that they have no problems with just opening up to one another. You should be proud of your communication game if this is how you sleep with your partner.