Which Banana Is Best For Your Health

Bananas are one of the most well-known fruits in the world and they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Aside from being a delicious food to eat, bananas are also high in iron, and help in cases of anemia by stimulating the production of hemoglobin in the blood. Bananas are also exceptionally high in potassium yet low in salt, thus making it the perfect food to combat high blood pressure and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. It is rich in vitamin C and fiber which helps fight the formation of free radicals known to cause colorectal cancer.

Bananas are also known to make people calm down, enhance their temperaments and make people feel more contented. They also possess health and beauty benefits like skin and facial care and many other cosmetic purposes.

There are so many issues that bananas are good for, but which banana variety is the best for our health? Let’s compare: