Why The Coronavirus Outbreak is Terrible News for Climate Change

The coronavirus outbreak has sent panic waves across the world. It has killed thousands of people and has coerced millions into quarantine. It is reducing the emission of greenhouse gases in 2020. Earlier, there have been dips in the rate of carbon pollution due to some kind of economic fluctuation, ailments, and wars. However, the levels shot up once the economy found stability again. The coronavirus is taking the shape of a global pandemic and deserves focus from political authorities. The outbreak needs collective resources and attention because of the rise in casualties.

So, how is the coronavirus related to the rapid change in climate? Well, the latter has its own set of complications and we as a global community need to take steps to control it too. If the economy crashes due to the coronavirus, organizations will not be able to take forward any solar, battery, and wind projects. They will not be able to finance any new endeavors either. Recently, oil prices have taken a plunge across the globe. Electricity driven vehicles are more expensive and with cheap gas, it will become harder to sell. This is the driving force behind Tesla’s stock crash.