You Can Get Rid Of The Stretch Marks With These 6 Home Remedies

What’s a stretch mark exactly? A stretch mark is a type of scar that develops when our skin is rapidly stretching or shrinking. The abrupt change causes our skin to rupture with collagen and elastin. Stretch marks may appear as the skin heals.Not everyone on their skin is developing these narrow bands. Fluctuating levels of hormones appear to play a role. You may also be at higher risk if you get stretch marks from people in your family.

Stretch marks appear for different reasons like losing a weight quickly, pregnancy, stress, and puberty. They usually appear on the stomach, the upper arms, the buttocks, and the breasts.

You can also cause stretch marks by applying a corticosteroid to your skin for a long time. You may see stretch marks if you have Cushing’s disease or Marfan syndrome.When stretch marks first appear, depending on your skin color, they tend to be red, purple, pink, reddish – brown, or dark brown. Early stretch marks may be slightly elevated and itchy.The color will fade in time and the narrow bands will sink under your skin. You often feel a slight depression when you run your finger over a mature stretch mark.

They aren’t easily to get rid of, but there are few natural remedies that can make them disappear.