Your Eye Color Reveals Your Personality

The color of our eyes is a big part of your appearance. The eyes can tell a lot about how a person feels as well as the personality which was shown by one Swedish study. Several scientists at Orebro University in Sweden have conducted a study with 428 participants. Their goal was to determine the link between the participants’ eye color and their personalities.

The name of the study is Associations Between Iris Characteristics and Personality in Adulthood. It focused on the correlation between the iris characteristics and one’s personality. The study suggested that the eye color has a major impact on the personality traits in people. Keep reading to learn what your eye color says about you.

Black eyes

People with black eyes are usually mysterious and they are born leaders who tend to be more agreeable than other people. They are also very likely to be good at sports that require quick thinking and accuracy such as tennis. According to the study, the ability to think fast is because of the increased melanin in the iris which enables faster communication between the brain cells. Dark-eyed people also drink less alcohol than others.