Your Little Finger Length Determines Your Health Risks and Personality

Your fingers length can tell a lot about you and your health. Maybe it sounds a bit silly, but you’ll be surprised at how accurate it can be.

Look at the picture below and find your little finger shape and find out more about your personality and health risks. Are you type A, B or C?

Type A

  • You are closed person that doesn’t share feelings easily. You always strive to present yourself more independent than you really are.
  • You are an emotional person, but a lit bit reserved when it comes to showing emotions.  You despise lies, hypocrisy and dishonesty because it goes against your beliefs.
  • You have a big heart, and you like to help others, but you aren’t very tolerant. You will finish every task you are given even if you don’t like it.
  • If you are type A, you are more prone to insomnia and anxiety.